Three Most Common DSG Gearbox Problems

S3 Gearbox 2

DSG or the direct-shift gearbox comes as a fully automatic gearbox or semi-manual gearbox. It is responsible for controlling the speed and the torque in a vehicle as is demanded of the car as per the terrain. Eliminating the need of the user to control the gear system manually, the DSG system is used in […]

Expert advice: DSG & S-Tronic Mechatronic failures

Dsg Box

What Is A DSG And How Do They Work? With the DSG (direct-shift gearbox) transmission, a dual-clutch automatic, Volkswagen and Audi made one of the biggest impacts in the industry in 2003, providing an efficient option that offers reliability and great power. And, it has the least downsides of all transmissions. The DSG is effectively two separates electronically […]