Ever received a phone call from your technician, telling you that your vehicle’s brake fluid service is due? Many people tend to ignore this important service and then suffer the consequences.


We believe that the braking system is one of the most hard-working systems in a vehicle. Therefor it needs special attention, which include regular brake fluid services. Replacing or servicing the brakes is a necessary element of vehicle safety.

Your vehicle’s braking system relies on hydraulic fluid, what we call brake fluid, which allows you to stop your heavy fast-moving vehicle with minimal effort. Like any other fluid in your vehicle, the brake fluid also needs replacement from time to time.

If you find yourself travelling long roads or high ways every day, brake fluid can help to put less stress on the braking system.


Our specialists at VAG Spec Centre recommends that a brake fluid service must be done every 2 years. But if you have lost track of time, there are a few signs that might indicate that the brake fluid needs to be changed.

Soft or Bouncy Brake Pedal

Sometimes the driver would find that the brake pedal is soft when pressing it in, causing the vehicle no to brake immediately and stall for a moment even thought the brakes are applied.

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ABS Warning Light on the Dashboard

The ABS light indicates that there is something wrong with your anti-lock braking system. The ABS system in a vehicle stops the wheels from locking during braking and maintain traction. A low brake fluid level will automatically turn on the ABS system to contribute to immediate stop.

A Burning Smell When Braking

Because the braking system has a lot of friction, a lot of heat is produced when applying the brakes. Brake fluid can get burnt-out, causing a burnt smell when applying the brakes.

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Strange Grinding Noises

Like mentioned, when applying the brakes, there is friction between the brake pads and discs. If your brake pads and discs are still in a good condition, but you hear a strange grinding noise when applying the brakes, this might indicate that the brake fluid level is low and more lubrication is needed.

Should your vehicle’s brake fluid service be due, contact us at VAG Spec Cape Town for assistance.

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